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Why you should choose us!

Welcome to Elite Diesel! 

We are a local business based in Stapylton, Qld, 4208. 


We have extensive knowledge in 4x4 Repair, Servicing and Tuning, Our team has a vast knowledge across multiple industry's with Qualified truck mechanics, Qualified Toyota Trained Technicians, Marine Engineer, PAR Certified dyno technician and Certified Master Tuner, Certified ECU=SHOP Dealer and Tuner and we are an Approved Inspection Station for Light & Heavy Vehicles


Elite Diesel Performance are the expert's in not only diesel tuning, we also everything from logbook servicing, minor & major repairs and modifications all the way to one off custom 4x4 builds turning your dream into a reality.


We have a 5.5T 2 Post Hoist specially designed for American Trucks and 2x 4t 2-post hoist, and a 4T 4 post hoist to ensure an efficient workshop and to cater to all vehicles.


We have a lot of speciality diagnostic tooling from the latest hand tools, scan tools up to bespoke diagnostic tooling to ensure we can find the trickiest of faults, we also have our own 2wd Dynamometer that we perform diagnostics and tuning on 4WD's, We offer fully customized in-house tuning to your suit your needs. 

Come in and speak to the team today!



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