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We are delighted to confirm your upcoming vehicle tuning appointment and eagerly anticipate optimizing your vehicle's performance. To ensure a seamless and productive session, we kindly request your attention to the following prerequisites:

Fuel: Your vehicle should have at least a half tank of diesel fuel. You may be surprised by the amount of fuel required when running a vehicle at full load on the dyno. In the event of insufficient fuel, we will need to unstrap the vehicle, refuel, and re-strap it, which would incur additional service charges.

Vehicle Condition: The vehicle should be in optimum condition, with no oil or coolant leaks. Running engines with such leaks on the dyno is not recommended.

Boost Leaks: There should be no boost leaks or exhaust manifold leaks in the vehicle. These can result in a lack of boost leads and turbine drive pressure, potentially leading to inaccurate tuning.

Tyres: Ensure that your tyres are in good condition, with no embedded screws or wear beyond the manufacturer's specifications.

Previous Tuning: If your vehicle has been previously tuned elsewhere, please inform us as this could influence our tuning approach.

Unusual Noises: Please advise us of any unusual sounds or knocks that your vehicle produces prior to tuning.

If there is any uncertainty concerning the above requirements, we encourage you to schedule our pre-tune inspection service. Please be aware that if any of these criteria are not met on the day of the tuning, you may be charged for the time slot you booked as well as for any necessary repairs or rescheduling.

We are grateful for your cooperation and look forward to delivering an enhanced driving experience for you.


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